Vladimir Pentuh: The Russian Landscape Tradition Continues.

As the great masters of the Soviet School continue to grow in popularity throughout the world and their works are becoming increasingly scarce, a younger generation of painters is poised to carry forth the classical tradition. Vladimir Pentuh could be called an “old soul” in a young body. He is a painter dedicated to the classical Russian landscape- his unique creative style already earning critical praise from collector and colleague alike.

Vladimir was born in 1965 in Chernigov, an ancient city in the Ukraine. In 1989, he graduated from the Penza Art School (Russia) under the guidance of the Peoples’ Artist, A.M. Konstantinopolski. One year later he returned to Penza, was accepted into the Russian Artists’ Union, began to exhibit and joined the faculty as one of the youngest professors at the Penza Art School.

As were his Soviet predecessors, Pentuh’s creative style is driven be the academic pursuit of painting above all else. It combines the rich colors and textures of the Ukrainian School with the compositional perspectives and drawing attributes of the Russian School. In tribute to his talent, one can see numerous similarities in his paintings to the landscape and genre scenes of past masters such as Turzhanski, Petrovichev and Stozharov.

Pentuh is particularly influenced by the often austere beauty of the Russian North. He travels throughout this vast region extensively, aspiring to express on canvas what he calls ‘the riddle’ of the region. He immerses himself in the boundless open spaces of the countryside, vividly capturing coldness, solitude and a pervading mood. He is equally adept at beautifully reflecting the structural chaos of a village through a masterful composition of geometric shapes and earthy textures. In all cases, his paintings move the viewer as a master’s should. Therefore, it is of no surprise that fellow artists, professors, students and friends eagerly anticipate his returns from the North so that they may view his new studies.

Vladimir Pentuh is a bright and distinctive talent in Russian art today.

By Akhmed Salakhly